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What do YOUR kids know about the value of a buck? If you're like most families, finances aren't often discussed. Some parents feel that talking about money makes their kids feel like they're poor. Others may not know where or when to start to help their kids learn about budgeting or business or banking.

Here at Raising Money$mart Kids, you will find articles on everything from setting up an allowance to running a lemonade stand to helping kids make better purchase decisions. You can ask questions get help from the community.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

What Do We Teach Our Kids About Money?

I hear lots of excuses when people explain to me why they haven't done more to teach their kids the value of money- everything from "they're too young" to "they'll think we're poor if we talk about money". But, in many cases, it's fear that holds parents back. The fear that they themselves don't know enough about finances to help their children. The fear that their children will be able to see what poor money managers their parents have been. And the fear of facing their own financial realities.

We can only help our children succeed in life if we give them strong financial skills. We won't be there when the credit card companies set up their booth on the first day of the new college semester. We won't be there when the salesman in the stereo shop insists to our child that this amazing sale only lasts one more hour. And, if our kids learn shame about finances from us, we won't be there when they are in danger of losing their home.

Take some time this week to think about what our kids are picking up from us that will help them in the future.  Shore up your own financial knowledge and start putting some healthy money practices in place like budgeting. It will help your family for generations to come!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Your Teenager Money-Savvy Enough to Go to College?

Credit Card Companies Are Waiting to Pounce on New College Students

Credit card debt is at an all-time high across the country. According to a Nilson Study, 78% of American households had at least one credit card. Credit card default is also at an all-time high, especially in the 18-24 year old category- mainly college students. The ease of obtaining a credit card in the first year of college and a lack of basic financial literacy join to make this the most vulnerable group of consumers.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gardening with Kids: How to Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

A great family project that helps kids learn how to plan, estimate, and save money. And who doesn't like pizza!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Raising Financially Savvy Kids

Think back to your school days. What subjects did you learn in the classroom? You learned reading, writing and math for sure, then you learned history, geography and science as you progressed through the grades. Perhaps you learned even art and music. All of these subjects are important and certainly useful to you at some point in your life. (Even though you probably swore up and down when you were 11 that you would never have any practical use for algebra!) 

The one subject that is not usually taught in the school system is the one that will have a huge impact on your life each and every day: money. How to earn it, spend it, invest it, and pass it on to the next generation.