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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Retire Early and In Style

Retiring early was a mantra in the late '90s when investment returns were high and everyone wanted to live the good life. Is it still possible now? Absolutely, but it takes careful planning and honest assessments.

Detailed Planning Now Will Help You Achieve the Dream

Retiring early from working life is a goal for many people who grind away every day for a paycheck. However, for a growing number of working people, early retirement is more of a fantasy than an achievable goal. Without
proper budgeting, projecting and planning, retirement can be a scary prospect. Here are some of the basic steps to take to ensure that you can retire early and in style:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cash or Debit Card When Travelling: Which is Better?

When travelling, either abroad or in the U.S., determining what kind of funds to bring is just as important as how much to bring. Here are some important considerations to mull over when deciding whether to use cash or debit cards on your next holiday.

Should You Use Cash or Debit Cards when Traveling?

Most travelers need more access to funds when traveling than when going about their normal routine. Choosing whether to carry cash or a debit card involves many considerations including portability, universality, the potential for theft, and costs. The issue is further complicated when traveling internationally when foreign exchange rates are taken into consideration. For example, when I travel domestically, I often use cash for its convenience but when I travel abroad, I frequently use a debit card in countries where they are widely taken.