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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Own a small business? Get this great bundle of ebooks at a special cost to November 30

Special Offer for Newsletter Readers
November 29 and 30 only!
  • Buy both of my new ebooks in PDF format at the same time for a special price
  • Receive SIX Excel templates to help you organize and manage your business
  • Release date: Monday December 13 but pre-sale deal only lasts until November 30
  • see below for details
Price: $20.00 US (regular price after November 30 is $25.00 for both books and the templates will be sold separately)
-use PayPal button below and you can use your credit card or PayPal balance securely to purchase.

Personal Finance for Small Business Owners
Protecting the Wealth You Build
Based on the most frequent questions I receive from clients and readers, this ebook is packed with valuable advice about managing personal finances when you are also juggling a business. With over 100 pages of critical planning and wealth-building information, Personal Finance for Small Business Owners helps you to:
  • assess your business and personal assets
  • minimize your risk
  • ensure you are properly protected by insurance and are not getting taken to the cleaners by unscrupulous insurance sales tactics
  • pay down your business and personal debt effectively
  • get top dollar out of your business when you are ready to retire
  • maximize your tax deductions and minimize your tax bill- today and in the future

Tax Preparation & Planning for Your Home-Based Business
Maximizing Your Deductions

Businesses that operate out of the owner's home face a number of accounting and tax issues that other businesses do not. Keeping proper account of personal versus business-related expenses is the key to avoiding or surviving a tax audit. This brand new ebook offers up over a hundred pages of ways to maximize your tax deductions and minimize your tax bill at the end of the year. Chapters include:
  • setting up a bookkeeping/accounting system for your home-based business
  • tracking and calculating home office and auto expenses
  • what can and cannot be expensed in your home-based business
  • how to fill out Schedule C
  • paying the least amount of income tax on your business earnings
  • tax planning for future years

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