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Monday, November 8, 2010

Saving for Retirement: Do It Early and Do It Often

Saving for retirement can seem daunting when you have no idea where you are starting from and where you are headed. The old adage to save early and save often definitely applies to retirement savings. Beginning your savings plan when you are in your twenties allows you to weather many financial and economic storms and can grow quickly to allow you to have the comfortable and fun retirement you are hoping for.

Why It's Important to Start Saving for Retirement as Early as Possible

You have heard the standard retirement investing advice before: start saving early and save often. It is advice that I have given my clients over the years when they are first starting out on their own. I have had the opportunity to see how many of those clients who took my advice fared over the past fifteen years, especially during the recent recession. Having a large and growing retirement savings plan allowed them to remain calm when markets tanked, knowing that they could ride out the storm and that their funds still had lots of time to recover and flourish before they needed the money in retirement.


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