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Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Can Cut Your Expenses Without Even Noticing

Even when you think you have slashed your budget down to nothing, there are still many ways that smart budgeters can save money every month with ease. Here are the top 5 tips to cutting down on your expenses and not miss anything:

Tighten Your Budget Without Feeling Deprived

The recent economic downturn has made budgeting and smart spending more important than ever. What makes this belt-tightening difficult is that many of our daily expenses are not discretionary. For example, we can't choose -- at least in the short run -- to pay less on our mortgage every month or to cut down on our property taxes. In my experience, as both a consumer and a finance professional, there are many ways to cut out expenses regularly without feeling like you are cutting back or depriving yourself. Here are my five favorite money-savers:

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